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Design Thinking in Action is Hatch & Bloom’s Academy. Here you’ll find inspiration, insights and educational courses in how to work with design thinking in practice.

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Your business depends on human nature

As humans we are driven by emotions, irrational behaviour, and an unstoppable search for belonging. The success of your brand, business model, product or service depends on your ability to understand and catalyse human nature. At Hatch & Bloom we innovate and grow businesses by applying our ‘humans first’ approach.

We’ll get there faster together

We work with some of today’s smartest leaders. They trust us because of our holistic approach, people-centric mind-set, hands-on process and measurable deliverables. We trust them because they show strong leadership, engage in the process and dare to take the path less travelled. 

Recent solutions


Developing the future customer excellence principles for pharma


 Designing new banking loyalty


Innovating new digital experiences for telecommunications


Rethinking healthcare with service design for +4000 employees


Enabling a brand shift in energy with consumer-driven innovation


Designing a core story and roadmap for a major media corporation


Identifying new ways for public management to help the private sector


Facilitating a new identity platform for a public ministry


Developing service design for national postal service


Our work made it into the global top 10

10 stories of solutions that work featuring design thinking cases from IBM, SAP, Toyota, and Hatch & Bloom. 2014 by Columbia Business School Publishing. The book showcases how design thinking works to produce innovative solutions to challenges such as internal process redesign, deepening customer engagement and addressing social issues.

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Clients and sectors

Consumer products and services
Education and training
Foods and beverage
Healthcare and medical services
Materials and manufacturing
Media and entertainment
Public innovation

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Hi! We’re a multi-disciplinary community of business strategists, insight specialists, ideation craftsmen, digital devotees, and brand experts. We like fast sprints, prototypes, testing stuff in the real world and making people’s lives better. We love to drink coffee and meet new people.

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