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As humans we are driven by emotions, irrational behaviour, and an unstoppable search for belonging. The success of our society depends on our ability to understand human nature and catalyse these insights into brands, products and services. This is the innovation process of hatching and blooming.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Creating new value relations between pharma, doctors, patients and relatives by developing a meaningful, empowering omnichannel service design.
“I like that we have co-created the first phase of this project with doctors. As the end users are the patients, further development needs to be a co-creation process with patients. I like being part of this process. It makes the solution much more sustainable in terms of ownership and relevance for all stakeholders. It’s a way of working I hope to see much more of in the future.”
– Erik Luttik, Head of Commercial Operations, Boehringer Ingelheim

Holstebro Municipality

Developing a new concept for the waiting list and redesigning the associated workflows based on behavioural design principles.
We humanised the waiting list by creating visual profiles for each citizen. Then we applied gamification principles to motivate employees to reduce number of citizens on the list. The result was a 78% reduction in only 6 weeks.
‘It has been a huge eyeopener for us to experience how we can do things completely different. To be able to accommodate the citizens right away has been tremendously satisfactory.’
— Kristina Fleng Madsen, Visitator at Holstebro Municipality
The project was nominated for a Danish Design Award.

How we work.

We consider the big picture, engage with people, value your participation and solve real problems. We have one fluid process consisting of insights, design sprints, prototypes and testing stuff in the real world. We’re focused on business results based on a human-centric approach. And making people’s lives better.

Our work made it into the global top 10

10 stories of solutions that work featuring design thinking cases from IBM, SAP, Toyota, and Hatch & Bloom. 2014 by Columbia Business School Publishing. The book showcases how design thinking works to produce innovative solutions to challenges such as internal process redesign, deepening customer engagement and addressing social issues.

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